Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I Look Like Who??? Really???

Recently, on Facebook, many people were posting a celebrity-look-alike pictures instead of their regular profile pictures. One friend compared himself to Spongebob (strangely accurate), while another friend compared himself to Brad Pitt (soooooo not even close).

And, one old highschool girlfriend fancied herself to be another Heidi Klum (Can you say rose-colored glasses?).

Obviously, this provoked many laughs.


But, it also got me thinking. What celebrity would I pick for my look alike?

Would I go for funny and pick someone waaaaa -ayyyyy out there? Someone like. . . um . . . Spock?

Umm. . . short hair. Check.
Pointy sideburns. Check.


Emotionless expression?

Spock was definitely not me!

Or would I go with someone that other people had actually (flatteringly, really) compared me to before? Someone like Alyssa Milano?


I didn't see it.

I obviously needed help.

I turned to MyHeritage.com. This site is dedicated to helping a person determine his or her heritage legitimately, but they also have a fun page that uses face recognition technology to determine which celebrity actually looks like you.

How cool is that?
So, unafraid, I downloaded my profile picture and this is what I got.


So, I am more than OK with Cate Blanchett, Sarah Michelle Gellar, and Ashley Judd as my celebrity look alikes.(And really, who wouldn't be?) These are all very beautiful ladies, and frankly, it was super flattering for my ego to be compared to them.

But, Hillary Rodham Clinton? And Mrs. Brady?!? Really?

In what alternate universe do Ashley Judd and Hillary Clinton resemble each other? And lord help me if my hair resembles Mrs. Brady's famous mullet. If that is the case, I will forgo my family's grocery bill this week to remedy the situation. Eating bread and water will be worth it.

Mrs. Brady?


I guess it could be worse.

They could have compared me to Mr. Brady.

************Special thanks to Jenners at Life with a Little One and More for the Inspiration for this post. You should go check out her post about celebrity look alikes. Bring your Depends. You will need them.*****************************


  1. At least you got all women!

  2. I can totally see the Ashley Judd resemblance. :)

    And this time, I will try and to keep my comment to just one. No more comment vomit for me.

  3. You are adorable and if Spock had a cute, happy sister, you could be it!

  4. Hold your hand over the top half of all their faces.

    It's the great smile. :)

  5. Ah, what I wouldn't give to be compared to Cate Blanchett! I can definitely see the resemblance - this is very cool.

  6. You are prettier than all of them Annie.

  7. Well.......I had MONICA LEWINSKY, Julis Louis-Dreyfus, Jackie O, and Geena Davis! I'm blaming it on my pregnancy. BTW I TOTALLY see the resemblence to Alyssa Milano. I have always thought that as far back as when she was on "Who's the Boss!"

  8. I totally see the Ashley Judd resemblance, too! You are gorgeous, as is she. I've been wanting to do this for myself for a while, but I think I'm too chicken....

  9. My brother has had people tell him that he looks like Brad Pitt, but he SO doesn't. I will have to check it out! And you so don't look like Mrs Brady or Hilary...not even close!!!

  10. so, of course I had to go and do this before commenting. I look like Chad Michael Murray. WTF??? Seriously!! I am so honored!!

  11. LOL. That is so freaking funny. How is there any similarity between florence henderson and sarah michelle gellar though? maybe there are facial symmetries which are the same?

    you look like you and that is pretty gorgeous!


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