Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Where I Have Been . . .

I feel a little out of breath lately. In the past few days I have . . .

-made a 4 hour trek in the family mini-van
-celebrated Ab's birthday, 4 times over!
-attended a family reunion
-worked on the kitchen remodel
-finally hung the shelf (see this post!)
-swam in the pool
-went on a date
-painted a wicker table
-cried when the newly painted wicker table got rained upon
-played kickball with the family and kids (Oh my! Soooooo much fun!!!)
-ate too much food
-ate too much cake (Notice . . . it is its own category!)
-painted an old window
-won a game of trivia
-washed five loads of laundry
-removed the green chlorine tint from Ab's hair
-visited the much anticipated, new grocery store in our town
-snapped lots of pictures

and kissed my kiddies and hubby countless times!

And, now you can see why I haven't blogged!

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