Friday, August 7, 2009

"Eye" Think I'll Keep Him

After several remodeling days, and the start of hubby's football season, the family was quite pooped last night.  So pooped, in fact, that my plans for dinner were forgotten long about 3:00 p.m.  When all of our tummies started to rumble and grumble at around 6:00, I remembered that I had not thawed out the pork chops, had no eggs or pancake mix for a backup breakfast for dinner, and 4 other starving people anxiously looking at me for answers.

When in doubt, punt I say.  So, punt I did.  

We loaded up the kiddies and went to the local wing joint.  We hadn't been there since the beginning of June, so by the time we arrived, our mouths were watering and the kiddies were itching to "play" in the game room. (I say play because typically the kiddies have to watch other kids play, because we don't give them an unlimited supply of dollar bills for the games.  We are mean like that.)

As the kiddies played, hubby and I had a chance to gab.  The topic of conversation? One of our favorites, of course.  Eye size.  ( If you are new to reading my insanity, you need to click here to understand what I am talking about.  If you are not new but you want a refresher or just another good laugh, you can also click.  Go ahead. Do it!  It's worth it.  Be warned, however.  This is bizarre.)

I know.  I know.
We are weird.

Love us anyway.

So, hubby starts in with, "Did you notice Ethan is a right eye?"

I laughed and then said, "No hon.  Remember that I don't notice which eye is smaller on people?  That is you."

He replied, "I know.  But today, E was watching a video and I noticed it right away.  I can't believe that you don't notice it."

I made a point of putting down my drink and deliberately looking over at E.  Then I admitted a bit sheepishly, "OK.  I can see it, but that is not what I first notice. "  Then I threw in, "Did you ever think that you are a bit odd for noticing a small eye instead of say a smile or a cute nose?"

And he returned with a simple, "Yes."

Then, we looked at each other, paused, and started to laugh.

So, I am married to a man that analyzes a person's eyes.  Weird, yes.  But, he makes me laugh, he makes me coffee, and he loves my weird ways too.

I think I'll keep him.

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