Monday, August 10, 2009

Muggy Monday Not Me!

Let's just call this Monday, muggy Monday.
It was 77 degrees at 8 am this morning.    The dew point was 75.

Can you say sticky?  YEEK!

So as I sit here and drink my hot coffee on a too hot morning,   I  am now ready to divulge my hot-headed craziness of the past week in a Not Me! Monday post.  (For more, Not Me! insanity, hop on over to MckMama's blog and join in.)

It was not me that considered smacking a woman in the grocery store the other day.  (See ?  hot headed!)   I certainly would not have shot that woman a dirty look when she commented about Ellerie, "She's beautiful . . . (pause) but, heavy."  I would have realized that some people do not have control of their speech, and consequently say hurtful things.  I would not have let her one comment bother me when I know that El is just stinking beautiful, chubby baby-ness and all.

Ellerie and Ab posing for me.

(Truthfully folks . . . does she look heavy to you?  I just see all of her blond, cherubic loveliness.)

It was not me that continued to hang some accessories in my house without first patching holes in the plaster walls.  I would have patched those holes first and foremost.  I certainly wouldn't have strategically placed artwork and pictures over those holes.  Ridiculous!

It is not me that is having a hard time going back to the gym after all of our vacations.  I would realize the benefits of going to the gym, especially since I still hold a personal trainer's certificate.  I would not just sleep in each summer morning (enjoying my lovely sheets and fluffy comforter) and forgo the gym and exercise.  Not me!  Never!  And, knowing that I realize the benefits of gym participation, I would also not have eaten 2 brownies and one smore at our recent BBQ.  That would have just added salt to a wound and I know better!

It was not me that washed the same load of clothes 3 times, because I continued to forget to change the load from the washer to the dryer thereby causing the wet clothes to get a bit smelly.  I am more on top of the chores than that.

It was also not me that left the paint roller out for El to get after working on our kitchen remodel. Clearly, I am more responsible than that.

It was also not me that photographed the red paint on the new floor for posterity.  I would have seen no humor in it whatsoever!  Ha!


I feel much better after purging!

How was your week?

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  1. I think Miss Ellerie is fabulous!!! I do admit, I am impressed how tiny little you are able to haul that girl around, but oh sooooo cute!!! Just want to squeeze her!!!!


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