Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My "Gifted" Girl

As I showered this morning, I reveled in the relative quiet of my house.  That is, I celebrated  until I realized that it was too quiet.  Way . . . too. . . quiet.

Never a good sign in a household with 3 kiddies.

With the sounds of silence pounding in my head, I quickly hopped out of the shower and went to investigate.  I didn't have to go far to find it.  I just followed the trail that my little curly headed devil cleverly left me.  The open linen closet . . . hmmm. . .  the trail of strewn paper . . . and then voila!  

A masterpiece!  

Ellerie had found my box of panty liners,  carefully pulled off the paper backing on each liner, and then stuck them in a random design all over my hallway wall.  The artist had struck again.

Creative little booger, isn't she?  Using an everyday item in an abstract way was nothing short of inspired I tell you.   First poopie, then pudding, and now panty liners?

A creative genius, obviously.

She must be gifted.

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