Monday, April 26, 2010

The Ties That Bind

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My hubby thinks that I am trying to kill him.

Yesterday, since I officially have no sink and no dishwasher because of our never-ending kitchen remodel, I decided to break out the old crockpot in order to cook dinner for the family.

I'm good like that sometimes.

So, I popped a pork loin in the crock, threw in some spices, and turned it on low. Several hours later yummy smells started wafting from the pot. I have to admit, I felt pretty good about myself. No sink. No counters. No problem. My family was still going to have a good meal.

Fast forward to dinner. After hubby finished off his second helping, he gave me a perplexed look.

"Honey?" he questioned.

Still patting myself on the back for the good meal, I answered, "What?"

"Is it possible that I just ate string?" he posed fearfully.


"Yes. String. I think I ate string. It looked a little like the pulled pork so I just ate it."

And then I remembered. I had cut the string on the pork loin, but I had not removed it from the pot.

Yes. Hubs ate string. And while I should have been concerned and apologetic, I wasn't.

Instead, my shoulders began to shake with my uncontrollable laughter. I couldn't even stop laughing long enough to acknowledge the fact to hubs that yes, he did eat string.

After I calmed down, hubs asked sheepishly, "Will it be OK?"

"Will what be OK? " I asked still giggling.

"You know . . . the string? Will it come out OK?" he questioned, concerned.

And, I know that I should have responded with care and concern, but, I didn't.

Instead, the laughter rolled out of me.

Later, I assured him that he would indeed poop out the string, but he eyed me warily, unconvinced.

So, I am pretty sure that he thinks that I was trying to kill him. . . or at least interfere with his daily visit to the throne.

I wonder . . . should I keep stringing him along?

(Ha! I couldn't resist!)


  1. Woo. This could turn into a tapeworm like experience that will end with him getting revenge in the form of, "Honey! Come in here and pull this string!"

    I can only hope that's the first time those words have been said at your house.

  2. Oh my goodness! I think I would have laughed too. Hopefully everything comes OUT Ok.

  3. You know Crock-Pots can soften up nearly anything enough to pass as food. Tell him to be good or next time it could be a fork!

  4. I hope it comes out okay! LOL. :D

  5. OMG! Cracking up over this one---your poor hubs! I'm sure it will all come out alright. HAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHA!

  6. Awesome, Annie! I totally understand why you couldn't help but laugh. Poor hubs, but yes, this too shall pass.

  7. I once had a cat who ate a piece of tinsel off of our Christmas tree. It came out exactly as it went in, with a little bit of our help. Hubby will be fine; it's up to you to decide if you want to get involved in the process.

  8. Hahaha. I get it! Your are trying to strangle him from the inside out! That is so funny!

  9. Hilarious! Found you on Travis's Memoir Monday.

  10. Well, I certainly hope that if your hubs was in need of any help, you'd'a offered to pull a string or two on his behalf! ;]
    --sorry 'bout the late comment, but I've been running a bit behind lately. (hnyuk!)

  11. Ha ha ha ha!!!! I love it!!!! uh, did it come out ok??? YEW!!!!

    Ok, I love you, you're my new favorite person ever. Did you say you sharpie your grays???? Awesome!!!

    Lots of yummy love,
    Alex aka Ma What's For Dinner

  12. That is too funny! Poor Hubs! I know I would've laughed too!


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