Friday, April 23, 2010

Out of the Closet

When I opened my hall closet on Wednesday morning, I literally took my life in my hands. The board games that were stacked precariously on top of each other finally gave way as the door opened, and they quickly slid off of one another, nearly decapitating me in the process. Clearly it was time to clean out the closet.

(Like how I picked up on that so quickly?)

Anyway, after much grunting and groaning and back and forth trips carrying coats, shoes, game, game pieces and the like, my closet looked like this. . .

And my living room floor looked like this. . .

Not pretty, my friends. Not pretty at all.

Obviously, I had to do something. I couldn't just reload all of my crap back into that ugly closet now, could I? So, I did the only thing I could. I gloved up and scrubbed that closet. I bleached and Chloroxed and magic erased until I was feeling quite happy from the fumes, and guess what?

My closet still looked like this . . .

Still. Not. Pretty.

Being the resourceful gal that I am, I scratched my head, thought a moment, and then came up with a plan. First, I ripped out that old carpet. The floors were in great shape underneath. Then, I found some leftover paint from other projects through the years. The colors weren't what I was envisioning, so I just mixed them together and Voila! A pretty color for free! ( And, you know how I love free! I love free more than bacon, and that is saying something. Seriously.) After some cutting in and painting, my closet looked like this . . .

It's a lovely shade of blue (although it is hard to tell from this picture). Much better! But, not quite there yet. Remember, I still had to figure out a place for all of this.

I remembered that Target (or Tar-jay Boutique in my vernacular) had organizers on sale this week, and I decided to invest in one to help with the closet clutter. While at Target, I bought an eight cubicle organizer, 4 blue bins, one polka dot bin (Ummm, yeah. I couldn't resist. Those dots just spoke to me. Soooo fun!), and two see through bins. My total was around, gulp, $77.00, but I think the result was worth it.

My closet is sooooo pretty! I think that I wouldn't even mind a mommy time out there, you know?

What do you think?


  1. Hi, just dropping by from SITS, and very glad I did, I love what you did with your closet, I think we may have a little in common xx

  2. Wow, impressive. Just looking at that pile that needed to be reorganized exhausted me! It's good to be reminded that investing in organizational stuff can work. Most of my organizational ideas for toys are a flop. :)

  3. stopping by from sits! Don't you just love to organize stuff, actually it's not so much the organizing as it is the end product! have a great weekend, anne

  4. Love the polka dots! Did you get a new animal print chair and ottoman??? Let's do a park/lunch date next week! Tuesday and Friday are bad for me but the other days should work. Let me know!

  5. Annie,
    I will try again. I can't believe it is the same closet. You did a great job. I am inspired. I need to do my spare room closet. I am afraid it will be like Lucy when she was hiding crap from Ricky and when it opens things will fall on my head. "Lucy I'm home"....

  6. Stopped by from SITS after hearing about your kitchen remodel. Have you read Celia Rivenbark (We're Just Like You, Only Prettier and Stop Dressing Your 6-Year-Old Like a Skank, to name two of her books)? Her kitchen remodeling story is hilarious in a "Please, God, don't ever let that happen to me" kind of way

  7. Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest! Your closet looks great :) I too, love the Tar-jay and your trip sounds much like how one of mine would go...spending waaayy too much money but getting a lot of really cute stuff! I love those dots, too...their spring line of organizers are awesome.

  8. WOw!! That is impressive! I think I am more likely to buy myself some of that yellow police tape and call it quits...that or move.


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