Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Atlas and the Bungee Cord

We are nearing the end of our DIY kitchen remodel.

Our last stage is to remove the sink base, the sink and the dishwasher in order to put in the new cabinets, sink and dishwasher. Hooray! But, being the practical people that we are . . . we are waiting until the last possible minute to remove the old fixtures and appliance.

Because once they are gone, we have to move quickly . . . or . . . survive without a sink.

Not fun.

Not fun at all!

That is why when hubs was working on the kitchen the other day, removing everything BUT the sink base and sink, I was aglow with kind words for his smart and calculated remodeling decisions.

That is, I was aglow until I heard him hollering for me at 10 pm after I was all snuggly in bed.

I stomped downstairs to find hubs, singlehandedly holding up the sinkbase and sink against the wall. Sort of like Atlas holding up the earth. Only not so chiseled . . . or poised. Apparently, these original cabinets were not, in fact, affixed to the wall, so when hubs removed some of the other side cabinets and countertop, the sinkbase and sink, gave way.

Who knew?

All I knew was that the sight of him holding up the weight of those cabinets and sink and dishwasher was, in a word, hysterical, so, naturally . . . I burst out laughing.

He was not amused. ( I can't imagine why not?!)

And, that, my dear friends, is how I came to have a bungee cord holding up my sink.


I am not kidding.

And, here's the proof.

Quite resourceful, aren't we?

And now, what creative uses have you come up with for a bungee cord?!


  1. I can't say I have found any use for bungee cords, but my hubs must have, because we have a million of them laying around the house/garage.

    I do hope you get your sink fixed soon!! Although, I'm assuming no cooking or cleaning is happening with your kitchen in that condition ... you lucky duck. ;))


  2. Well, this is a nice effort. However, I recently had to use a bungee cord to hold my rear bumper on my minivan after I sideswiped a parked car. Tore my bumper almost all the way off. But had to rig it until I could meet the insurance adjuster. I'm sorry I don't have photos, but I was hysterical and it was a bad week.


  3. I cant wait to see your FINISHED KITCHEN! It is going to be amazing. "Hang" in there!

  4. Creative uses for a bungee cord...hmmm...nothing specific comes to mind. I think I used to use one to "lock" my door which already had a lock, but my brother and I both knew how to unlock the doors from the other side. So I have a vague remembrance of using a bungee cord as my back-up lock. I couldn't tell you how I did it though! But when a teenage girl wants to keep something private, she will find a way!

  5. Okay, lesson learned - first you laugh THEN you run and get the camera! Then you can help. :)

  6. I can't wait to see pictures of your new kitchen. I'm so jealous. Mine is an 80's hot mess.

  7. My Dad always told me to have lot and lots of bungee cords around...I keep 10 in my car and they are all over the house/garage. What a wonderful invention. You are funny...I am a new follower.


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