Tuesday, July 12, 2011

When Duct Tape Would Have Come in Handy . . .

As we dressed to get ready for the beach, Ellerie made one of her classic 3 year old observations. She pointed at her grandfather and remarked, "Pap Pap?  You have hair on your belly!"

My dad laughed and explained, "Well, when you get old and grow up, you grow hair in weird places sometimes."

Ellerie thought about this for a moment, and then her eyes lit up. Clearly, something had registered, and she proceeded to share, "Yep!  When my mom grew up, she got hair on her pee pee!"


I just know that her preschool teacher is going to love Ellerie and her observations this fall.


  1. I'm totally laughing WITH you right now, I promise, WITH you, not at you...my 14 year old has always been a bit precocious too. It gets worse, not better, just sayin!

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  3. That was too funny!

    I can't wait to have kids because I know they will be as bad as I was when I was kid!

  4. My sister is a pre-school teacher that the things she knows about her students family's would make you blush.

    Kids seriously have HUGE mouths.

  5. My almost four year old says I have "hair on my bottom". I feel ya!

  6. OMG - thank you for handing me my huge laugh for the day! TOO funny! :)

  7. The observations my just turned 5 year old makes about my 11 year old's body that is in the middle of puberty (they share a room) are hilarious. Sometimes I even feel a little embarrassed for my 11 year old.

    And yes you will not have any secrets from the preschool teachers

  8. At least she didn't announce it to every one in the grocery line.

    I love that kid.

  9. oh god. hee hee Check out this observation my guy recently made...He told my mother in law, "Your bum bums are so low they're down to your belly." Bahaha

  10. OMG! That's hilarious. And mortifying! My 5 year old always asks me why I have such a big belly if I don't have a baby in there. At 5, she's already very aware of weight and fatness. It's just a matter of time before she begins questioning the fatness of folks. FML.

  11. LOL! Classic child bluntness! Love it. Though it is incredibly nerve-wracking having children who spout things off like that. I never know when I should be careful in public.

  12. At least it was your father. My son told a random guy in line at the grocery store that "my mom is a girl because she doesn't have a penis. she has a hairy butt."

    Oh yeah.

    (I'm pretty sure the guy asked me out after. because who wouldn't want a piece of that?)

    You are hilarious for sharing. And on second thought, maybe the random stranger IS a better audience for an announcement of that nature.

    After our date, we never had to see each other again...

    p.s. I didn't really date him. But I'm pretty sure he was into me.


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