Monday, July 4, 2011

Sam's I Am . . . An Idiot

"Uhhhh ma'am?" the teenage clerk would not meet my gaze. "There ummm seems to be a problem ummmm with your card?"

My heart sank.

"Well, " I glanced toward the growing line of 4th of July shoppers behind me. "What's the problem? It's a membership card after all, not a credit card,"  I joked.

The clerk did not laugh.  He just replied, "Ma'am, I do not know why your membership card won't work," his emphasis on the word membership did not go unnoticed.  "I just know that you will have to go to the service desk to figure it out."  He handed me back the card, and silently pointed to the customer service desk.


I watched as he reloaded all of my groceries back into the cart as I wrangled the kiddies over to the service desk.  I didn't get it.  What could possibly be wrong with my Sam's membership card?  It still had my name on it.  It still had my picture on it.  For what possible reason would my card not work?

I sheepishly handed over my card to the customer service "expert" that appeared to be no more than 17 years old and watched helplessly as she first scanned my card and then typed aimlessly at her terminal's kiosk. 

"Oh, Mrs. S, I see what is wrong!" she exclaimed.

"Well... what is it?"

"It looks like this card is invalid.  It looks like you reported this card as lost and then we issued another membership card in its place invalidating this one."  She smiled.

I groaned.

Instantly, I remembered the whole situation. I had lost my Sam's card, and  I did get it replaced.  But recently I found the lost Sam's card in the laundry room.  When I put it in my Sam's file, the next time I went to use the card, there were 2 cards there. So, I promptly pulled out one card, cut it up ceremoniously, and placed the other card in my wallet.

Problem is  . . . I had cut up the good card.



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  1. I got a Gymboree card without my husbands "approval." I tried to be all sneaky and what-he-doesn't-know-is-good-for-me about getting it. I even got it out of the mail before he could see it. Unfortunately, I misplaced the darn thing! I cannot find it anywhere! KARMA! Or my husband. He probably found it and cut it up, but if I ask my cover is blown.

  2. Oh, that is no fun at all.

    Do you have a phone with an apps on it? If so, then there is an app called keyring that can keep all your information and stores can scan it from there. It's actually pretty awesome.

  3. The number of times I have done something like this....

    Happy 4th of July my friend!!

  4. How about cutting up a good credit card as soon as you get it in the mail, so you won't get it confused with the old --- uh-oh... 8-(

  5. Oh, I would totally do that, too!

  6. Completely innocent mistake. And clearly you aren't a hoarder since you never kept the other card! See: silver lining!

  7. Shopping fail: was so excited about buying a new aerobed at Bed Bath and B, that I promptly left my purse in my shopping cart IN THE PARKING LOT, after loading the bed into the car. This wasn't a crime-free town. Worse, I didn't notice. Until my cell was missing the next day and I used a friends phone to check the VM and my sister had left me a msg: um you left your purse at BB and B and they have been calling me because you had my number in there somewhere! There's more where that came from. Hi Annie.


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