Thursday, July 14, 2011

Happiness is . . .

I am pretty easy when it comes to making me happy.

Give me my family, some playtime, and maybe something chocolate, and I am good to go.

My kiddies. . . this is what they normally look like.  Dare me to send this as a Christmas card pic?

So this past week, I was tickled to be spend oodles of time with my family on vacation.

We played on the beach.

We played in the pool.

We played at the amusement park.

We played with the gator at dinner. 

Yes . . . he is real!

Obviously the theme was . . .

We do it well.  Just watch!

What do you think?  Should I send it in to America's Funniest Home Videos?

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  1. That was SOOO cute! Definitely AFV materials!

  2. Damn! Forget to put chocolate on my list....

    Anyways, great pictures and loved that your paper post was "playing" !! =)

  3. I actually think that would make a lovely Christmas card - it shows the kids having fun and being themselves!

  4. Great family pics! You do "play well together"! :)

    Visiting from Mama Kat's :)

  5. My kids ALWAYS want to send clips to America's Funniest Home Videos...

    I say do it!

    (of course, the talking dog always wins. but really. she is too cute.)

    And also, hooray for playing!!!


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