Monday, November 8, 2010

Let it Grow, Let it Grow, Let it Grow . . . Obama Chia for Christmas

Each year, as the holidays draw near, I eagerly anticipate the joys of the season. 

I look forward to the yummy holiday dinners I share with my family.  (Let's face it. . . any meal that can combine potatoes and marshmallows is a winner!)

I look forward to the fun of holiday decor.  The bright colors and shiny decorations always bring a sparkle to my day.  (Although organizers of the nativity animal scene take note:  Please make sure that the donkeys refrain from playing "horseback" with each other while we visit your display.  Thank you very much!)

And,  as the days become more crisp,  I also look forward to holiday shopping.

I know.  I know.

You think that I am crazy.

And, truth be told, I probably am.   I just love hunting for a deal or a special memento to give to the ones that I love.  I like to give my friends and family members just a small token to let them know that I am thinking of them.

And this year, I have found a gem of a gift that I know that each and every recipient will cherish.

(And, if President Obama is not to your liking,  Joseph Enterprises also offers a Chia Lady Liberty and a Chia Abraham Lincoln.)

After all, it's the least that I can do to show that I care.

*******Author's note . . . Apparently, this little Chia is causing a great controversy.  He has been banned by Walgreen's stores according to a CNN report because he is seen by some to be "racist."  While that was not my take on the gift,  I can certainly appreciate and validate that opinion.  I just wrote this post to poke a little fun at those of us that take gift buying a bit too seriously, and because I thought that it was ridiculous to put any president on a chia pet.  I mean, how does a President of the United States rank with the likes of the Shrek or Scooby Doo chia?  Seriously?!?  That said,  when I first spied the Obama chia I did chuckle.  So, readers, I ask you.  Is the hoopla warranted?  Should Obama chia be banned, or are we all taking ourselves a bit too seriously?************


  1. First of all I love the title of your blog and it caught my eye as I was scrolling through SITS and then I saw your latest post- Yay you!!!
    You can take marketing a product only so far and in this case I think the item is in poor taste. BUT to ban it, well I guess that's a store's right. Politics aside, I think your children are cute and love that you have a 9 yr old fashionista. Enjoy the week. I spent the weekend cooking up a storm but at least today is dreary so I don't feel so bad.

  2. I think it's hilarious and banning it is such serious overkill, in my opinion anyway. My neice bought one for my husband as a gift last year. He's a staunch conservative, so it was a gag gift and he never would open the box, much less grow it, but it was funny!!! LOL People seem to get to overly concerned with political correctness.

  3. Yes, the Obama head is ridicuous. But so is the idea of banning it on the basis of racism. Or maybe I just don't get it because I am merely a caucasion Housemommy. But my final answer will still be (R) for ridiculous.

  4. Totally laughed out loud at this one. :)

  5. That's nuts!

    PS My husband said they're probably old OJ chia pets.

  6. A bit serious if u ask me LOL and Snuggle that's even more hilarious!! LMAO oh my but we are so overboard sometimes! :)

  7. He should sooooo be a chia!!! The world needs to lighten up a bit. I saw a Chia Sponge Bob the other day. I simply must get it for my (adult) friend... she loves weird shit and sponge bob. Perfect gift? Yup. Pretty sure it is.

  8. I would love the have one myself! Saw them last year...great gag gift if you ask me!

  9. I am buying one for members in my family who are Democrats. They can water it each day and watch something grow because this economy isn't! (Just kidding folks that are Obama lovers. Just could not resist. Making funny just like the makers of this Chia pet!)


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