Monday, November 15, 2010

How to Tell When You Have PMS . . .

Reasons My Hubs Can Tell That  I Have PMS

1.  I proceeded to eat directly from the bag of pretzels and directly from the bag of chocolate chips simultaneously while we were having a conversation.

2.  When Hubs came home for lunch, my car was parked with two of its wheels on the curb.

3. My three year old's hair is not brushed, and I do not care.

4.  In addition to Ellerie's non-brushed hair, she also has several leaves still in it from our morning walk and again, I do not care.

5.  I am eerily not freaking out about the fact that a) Thanksgiving is at my house this year.  and b) THANKSGIVING IS AT MY HOUSE THIS YEAR!!!!!!

6.  I have consumed 5 cups of coffee today, and I could probably go for 5 more.

7.  I am considering inventing a salty lolli-pop to get me my salt fix.

8.  I have rearranged all of the furniture in my living room . . . two times, and, I still don't like it.

9.  I am considering tiling the kitchen myself tonight after dinner.

10.  I fell asleep for the night at 8 pm.

How can you tell when you (or your love) have (has) PMS?


  1. Hahaha... poor Ellerie. And if I haven't mentioned it before, Ellerie is an amazing name. So beautiful. How did you come up with it? I've never heard it before...

    Okay. PMS. Should be easy since I am doing all of this as we speak (too much information? perhaps. my bad)

    Crying at commercials that are far from sad or touching.

    Having to have a bag of chips, a jar of pickles, and a dozen cupcakes all within reach at all times.

    While my wardrobe is rarely fabulous... with the exception of one (not so) magical week per month, it normally does not feature two varities of fleece, a waffle fabric, pants with an elastic waist, and layers. Because after all, when I start sweating profusely for no reason, I need to be able to rip my clothes off like a well-trained call girl.

  2. I munch on salty and chocolaty things too.

    Everything grates on my nerves. Esp. the dog snoring.

    Talking in anything above a whisper within 20 yards of me will be cause for a total freak out!

    I also go to bed early or take a nap and then only stay up until 11. LOL

  3. Our poor husbands.

    I do a lot of ranting and crying when I'm pms'ing. And I eat a lot of chocolate. So really, no different from any other time.

  4. I eat chocolate chip and peanutbutter. I can't get enough of it while PMSing.

  5. PMS disappears when you have endometrial ablation. Greatest thing ever!


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