Monday, October 25, 2010

If you really knew me . . .

If you really knew me, you'd know . . .

-that I am freakishly good at math.  Seriously.  A lot of the tutoring I do is with English and reading, but, I actually have more students that I help with math.  So, I'll admit it.  I like math!  In fact, in 8th grade I was even a Math-lete.  Throw me a matrix or two, or maybe a sine or cosine, and I am perfectly happy.

-that I bite my nails.  I know.  I know.  Gross! But, I don't even realize I am doing it, and after 36 years, it is just part of me.

-that if I could, I would be barefoot 365 days a year.  Of course, living in the frozen tundra makes that especially hard, but this former Florida girl hates shoes (and socks for that matter).

If you really knew me, you'd know . . .

- that I eat one chocolate thing every day, and I don't feel guilty about it.

-that despite the fact that I used to be a personal trainer, I still have a hard time motivating myself to go to the gym.  In fact, it was almost easier to get to get to the gym when it was my job, because I was accountable to my customers.  Apparently, being accountable only to me is not necessarily as motivating.

-that I don't diet.  I eat when I am hungry, keep my body moving, and try to make good food decisions.  Am I as skinny as my high school self?  Nope.  Not a chance.  But, I am happy where I am, and that is good enough for me.

If you really knew me you'd know . . .

 - that my house is, more often than not, a mess.  The laundry basket is in the living room, and there may be dishes in the sink.  Usually the mess doesn't bother me, but there are times when I lose it, and go on a cleaning spree.

-that I really do love to cook, but, my family's palate is not as adventurous as mine, and therefore, I am often bored in the kitchen.

-that I mean it when I say to just stop by.  You don't need to call me first, just show up at my door, and then, come on in.  My home may be a mess, but it is a home, not a house, and it is lived in and used and loved. So, put your feet up and stay awhile.  (You don't even need to remove your shoes if you don't want to!)

If you really knew me you'd know . . .

-that if I am yelling then all is good.  It is when I get quiet that you need to watch out!

- that I often use my smile and my humor to hide the way I am really feeling.

- that I take people's words and actions to my heart.  People's smiles can lift me up quite quickly, and just as easily, someone's remark or tone, can cut me deeply.  I have a tender heart.

If you really knew me you'd know . . .

- that I love to write.

-that I dream about writing my book someday.

-that that dream scares me sh*tless.


  1. I would read your book in a heartbeat...
    And Math?!?! Blech. I wish I liked it. I don't. I can barely use a calculator.
    And if we lived closer, I would sooooo stop by. And bring you chocolate. Since I am allergic and can't eat it. You could have mine.

  2. Very cool - love the idea and format for the post.

    "that I don't diet. I eat when I am hungry, keep my body moving, and try to make good food decisions. Am I as skinny as my high school self? Nope. Not a chance. But, I am happy where I am, and that is good enough for me."

    I try to embrace this. I seem to go back and forth with believing in the above, and then thinking I need to diet.

  3. I really enjoyed getting to know you better. :)

  4. For a minute there I was thinking we are complete opposites. Then I got to the messy house, yelling, and eating what I want part.

    Write that book, woman! I would buy it.

  5. Very cool - and I'm also with you on the "I don't diet" thing. love it :)

  6. This is such a fun post! I loved reading it. Quiet isn't good at my house either.


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