Wednesday, October 13, 2010

From one mom to another . . .

Dear harried mom on the Continental flight to Jersey,


I have been there.  I could see the despair in your face as you shushed and hushed your little one.  I could sense your desperation as you gently rocked that baby back and forth and back and forth as one traveler after another shot you dirty looks.  If I had an extra binkie, it would have been yours, my girl.  Flying with kids (especially babies) is an act of courage.

Good for you for shutting the meanies out and focusing on your baby.

Please know that although I was traveling without my kids (for once),  I was sitting 2 rows behind you, feeling every bit of your discomfort.  Although silly, I was sitting back, behind you, sending you positive thoughts and prayers.

Because, I have been there.

You needed them.

Here's hoping your return flight was better and peaceful!

From one harried mom to another,


PS   When that rude businessman rolled his eyes and made a comment about you and your baby behind your back (but really loud enough for you to hear)?  Good for you for taking the high road.

I would have told him to stick it.


  1. I always have sympathy for moms travelling with babies or toddlers cuz oh, have I been there. Sometimes there's nothing to be done for a cranky baby other than rock/backtap/rock some more.

    But with that being said, the mom that travels with a toddler(s) and doesn't bring one single item to entertain/occupy them with drives me bananas.

    Our train ride south last week was a perfect example, a young woman and her son (3-4ish) were in the same car as us and he whined and cried for 12 hours (no lie). This was due mostly to her trying to restrain him in his seat. On a trip to the bathroom I noticed she didn't have a single toy/game/DVD/ANYTHING to keep him busy.

    The BF and I were travelling with 3 kids, the youngest being 11, and had enough 'amusements' to keep a small daycare busy.

    I think her trip (and everyone elses) would have been more pleasant if she had planned a little better.

  2. I try to do this too, send good vibes, because Lord knows I have SO been there.

  3. Oh, I have BEEN there, too. I always feel so sorry for those moms and send them good vibes, too. There is almost nothing as horrible as flying alone with a baby. Unless it's flying alone with a baby and a toddler.

  4. Oh my. I haven't had to travel with my little man yet, but I can only imagine! I wish those people who give moms on planes with small children dirty looks would just mind their own business. It's not like they're going to be stuck for days on the plane with the kid! They should suck it up and be a man/woman! :)

  5. I think meanies shouldn't be allowed to fly. Hello, if you don't like flying with people, then pay extra for 1st class or drive. That poor mama!

  6. If mommies would just assume their baby was going to be cranky on the plane, it would be simpler... Accustom the baby to soft earplugs before going on a flight, then use them during take off and landing... It's the air pressure that makes them cry -- just like adults like to chew gum to keep their ears open... Works wonders... I feel sorry for the mommies, too.

  7. What mommy hasn't been there? I would have done the same as you, praying for peace for the little baby so that the mommy could have some as well. Cute post!

  8. I always only feel sorry for the mom if I see a mom struggling with her kids. Then I am thankful it is not me.

  9. I am the same way...I usually try to smile or say something like, "I've been there," when's hard traveling alone w/ little ones and mean people who don't get it!

  10. Well said...although I cannot relate. I have three perfect children who fly noiselessly and whom our fellow airline passengers never fail to admire and compliment.

    Oh...and I also have some FABULOUS oceanfront property that I'm willing to part with if the price is right. C'mon...have a look-see and make your down-payment today!


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