Thursday, December 10, 2009

Family Pics

Recently, we attempted the impossible.  We attempted to get a family picture.  Not an easy task I tell you.  Not an easy task!  What with squirmy kids (and noses to pick, I might add), it is quite the miracle that we even got any acceptable shots.

This would have been rocking if I would have just looked at the camera!  

Here's one of  the ultimate daddy's girl!

I just love how hubby's eyes are closed as if he is drinking in her delightful, Ellerie esscence.  I feel like that too sometimes when I get to snuggle with her rarely displayed quiet side.  I just love to close my eyes and smell her. ( I know.  I know.  I am probably just weird.)

This one is our Christmas card this season.  All eyes are looking in the same direction, no panties are visible, and all fingers are far from nostrils. Perfect! 

Here's one of my favorite of the day.  Hubby and I snuggling up.  I just love this guy!!

When I told my friend Kim, our photographer, how much I loved this photo,  she let me in on a little secret.  We are airbrushed!  No wonder we look so fresh and young!!  When she showed me the untouched originals, I had my normal, deep worry wrinkle right smack in the middle of my forehead, and my age spot was front and center on my left cheek.  Let's just say that I love digital photography!

And here are Ab and E.  Ab is posing for the camera and wears her forced "model" smile, and E is his normal goofy self.

All in all, a successful shoot I would say.

Special thanks to my friend Kim from Flickers of a Dream Photography for taking the time to deal with our craziness!  Love you girl!! 


  1. You got some wonderful pics---and yes, thank goodness for airbrushing, although I'm sure you looked lovely before!

  2. I need a photographer friend!!! I love the pictures, even the ones that didn't turn out the way you wanted. In the one that you aren't looking, you are looking at the ones you love - and that is beautiful :)

  3. I love your family photo's. The ones that aren't perfect just shows you the perfect family you have.
    Thanks for sharing your pictures.
    Have a terrific holiday season.

  4. Wonderful pictures, beautiful family. Thanks for stopping by on my SITS feature day it is so nice to meet you. Have a wonderful holiday season :)

  5. Those are great! Maybe I wouldn't hate to see myself in photos so much if I had a little airbrushing. And lipo.

  6. Awwww ... I love them all, but especially the one of you and hubby. I think I'd like it even if it wasn't air brushed! :)


  7. These are all beautiful!! I love you guys!! LOL



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