Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Confession is Good for My Soul

Bless me my bloggy friends.  It has been 2 weeks since my last confession. I am here today to purge my craziness in the hopes that I get a little self-deserved absolution.

This past week   . . . 

1.  I confess that I broke the Thou Shall Not Steal commandment.  Apparently, I stole a white towel from our last hotel stay, although, I do not remember stealing a towel. (Perhaps  I am a kleptomaniac?!?  Is it still theft if I do not recall the stealing?!?)  The discovery was made when I toweled off after a shower and noticed the word POOL written by a black sharpie on the bottom of my towel.

2.  I confess that I do not feel the least bit guilty that I apparently stole the pool towel.  With the prices that hotels charge lately, they are lucky that I didn't make off with the comforters, pillows, and drapery. ( $5 for a bottled water from the fridge?!  Really?!  They have to put that in writing  on a price list, because if they were to verbally quote the price to the customer, there is no way that they could do it with a straight face.)

3.  I confess that after this week's ER drama with Ellerie, I didn't have the heart to inflict more pain on the poor girl, so I did not attempt to comb the rat's nest that is her everyday hair for the past two days.  Consequently, Ellerie is toddling around on a purple leg cast and sporting a do that is reminiscent of Bill Murray's comb over in the movie King Pin. 
 It is not pretty, but she is blissfully ignorant of its hideousness.

4.  I confess that I am secretly happy that Ellerie broke her foot, because it gives me a valid excuse to skip the gym.  (She can't be in the gym nursery and be immobile.) Instead, I am having fun decorating my house for Christmas.  

5. Which leads me to my  next confession. I ate 47 red and green M&M's this evening before I ate dinner. (Yes.  I counted.) No reason really.  They were just there, so I just ate them.  (And, yes.  They were soooooo yummy!  Thanks for asking.)

6.  Which reminds me that I must confess that I did a Krispy Kreme drive-thru run through today.  After a traveling holiday, an ER visit, Black Friday, an 8 year old with a feverish virus, and a 2 year old with a leg cast,  I think that I deserved it. (Can anyone say stress eater?)  I held myself to only two of those sweet, delicious puffs of fat and flour to get my fix.  I call that a good day.

7.  I confess that I have found at least 5 gray hairs on the left side of my head in the past week.  I do not believe in gray hair.  I will probably only go gray someday if I am kicking and screaming.  So I did one of the only things that I could do.  I plucked those puppies right out.  I confess that I did consider doing my other quick fix, coloring them with a sharpie marker, but I only had black and neon pink, neither of which would have looked attractive on my mop.  If I had had a red or perhaps even an orange sharpie, I probably would have attempted it.


Much better.

Anything you want to confess?  I am thinking of making this a weekly link up.

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  1. Annie, I love it all. Let's see, something to confess.....well you know those Christmas tree Reeses Peanut Butter Cups, did you know that while watching TV when the kids were napping a person can eat a whole bag? Yes, a whole bag without even thinking about it. Then I had to turn the bag inside out to just make sure I didn't miss one. There's the I was glad my hubby wasn't feeling good on Thanksgiving so we could go and do nothing but sit and watch the TV all day. Hummm.....more...I think not, this was bad enough.
    Thanks for sharing your confessions, I love confession day.

  2. I have many more grey hairs than you. Fortunately they are not on top (yet), so not very visible.

    I love Krispy Kreme, too, and plan on visiting there this you are not alone! And 45 m & m's? I could put away at least thrice as many. That's nothing!

    I think it would be cool to make this a weekly link up thing!

  3. i havnt read any blogs in a while... i gotta catch up and read about ellerie! poor girl.

  4. Hi Annie! You won the giveaway on my blog! Shoot me an email when you get a second and I'll get you hooked up with them.


  5. I confess that I sometimes would like to go back to the sorority days and just live with all my fun friends!! Stopping by from SITS. xo

  6. ppppsssst...


    I recently discovered that we a towel from a Walt Disney World Resort.


    My husband said we need to go back so that we can return it!

  7. You can only pluck the gray hairs for so long, Annie. Otherwise, you'll go bald. Trust me, I know these things ....

    If we lived in the same area, we could go get our hair dyed together. Mine's down to my waist though, so I'm thinking yours would be cheaper. ;)



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