Friday, October 7, 2011

. . . Only if He Shares His Manolos!

These manolo blahnik leopard peep toes were found at  Aren't they gorge????

As I leaned over to tie my tennis shoes, I noticed that I had forgotten to shave my legs, yet again.

"Will one of you guys PLEASE remind me to shave my legs?"  I said to none of the kiddies in particular.

Ethan, of course, piped up. 

"No problem mom, " and then he added, "oh, by the way, I shaved my legs."

I stopped my tying and looked at him.

"You did what?"

 "I shaved. . . with the razor in the shower."

"Ethan!" I screeched, "For the love of god . . .Why?!?!"

He looked at me innocently and answered,  "What?  Am I not supposed to do that?"  I stared at him with my mouth open while he finished, "And . . . my legs WERE hairy."


I fear that someday in my future I may have a son that comes to me and says that he likes to wear heels.

Which, of course, I will be OK with . . . as long as he lets me share his manolos.


  1. I love those shoes!!!

    Oh Poor baby he shaved his legs. Not that there is anything wrong with that :)

  2. OMG! That is too funny!

    Super cute shoes!

  3. I don't care if he shaves his legs or whom he chooses to love.

    But my son is not allowed to dress better than I do.

    (Too bad that doesn't give him a lot of leeway...)

  4. Hahaha! THis is something I can see my son saying/doing.


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