Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Chatty Cathy Lives Again

After preschool yesterday, Ellerie explained how things work in her classroom.

"You have to raise your hand quietly and go like this." She put her right hand in the air and then put her index finger of her left hand over her closed lips to indicate quiet.  "Then, you get to be the one that picks the song for song time."

"Oh," I answered.  Then I thought for a moment and followed up with one question.  "So Ellerie, have YOU ever gotten to choose the song for song time?"

She smiled and replied, "Nope!"


Chatty Cathy lives again.

It is going to be a long road to graduation.


  1. I STILL haven't gotten to choose the song for song time.

    Figuratively, of course.

    (As far as you know...)

  2. I totally understand. I have a chatty one too and he has a very, very high word quota.


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