Wednesday, July 28, 2010

What's in a Name, Anyway?

There are times when I talk to my husband that I wonder if there is a reality TV camera focused on us and our conversation.

And, before you start wondering . . .it is not because one of was throwing things.

And, it isn't even because one of us was born in Jersey and can claim to be an actual "Jersey" girl.

It is just that there are times that I think that there may be a candid camera on us. In fact, I am pretty sure there has to be a camera on us, because it is just too hard to believe that other married couples talk about the same crazy things that we talk about. I mean, our conversations can be downright idiotic. They tend to be about things that are just plain stupid, yet, we have the conversation anyway, just like it is completely and utterly normal.

But . . . it seriously can not be normal. After all, how many normal people have discussed the reasons why a person's feet are cracked, but don't stink ?(Hubs' feet. Not mine.) And, just how many normal people can say that they have had a conversation about how the neighborhood squirrels are possessed by demons?

I would venture to say . . . not too many,my friends. Not too many.

So the other day when hubs and I were out on a much needed date, and he said, "If I could change my name to any name besides my real name, what should I change it to?" I shouldn't have been suprised.

With that question, I glanced over my shoulder, looking for the reality TV camera, and not finding one, I answered, "Hmmm. I don't know. Why do you ask? "

He shrugged and said, "No reason, really. Just thinking."

"Well what's wrong with Paul, your real name?"I asked.

"Nothing, "he shot back.

"So why would you change it?"

" Annie, it's just a what if. Like what if I was in a golf tournament and the announcer was announcing my name on the first tee? I don't think that Paul has that ring to it," he explained and then, he paused.

I paused too, because really, how do you answer that question? I tried to be funny and make reference to one of my favorite movie characters from Sixteen Candles.

"How about Long Duck Dong? That certainly has a ring to it." I laughed.

He didn't. "I was thinking Will."

"Will?" I questioned. You think that Will has more ring, more pizzazz, than Paul?"

He answered simply, "Yes."

My answer? A very noncommital, "Hmmmm."

Because really, what normal couple has a conversation about possibly changing one's name for a PGA tournament event?

Ummm, yeah.

I don't know of any people that talk about that either.

So, give it up. What crazy conversations have you had with your significant other?


  1. My hubby and I have these type of crazy conversations. And somehow our conversations always are about sex.

  2. lol re: Jen's comment and I am howling about Long Duck Dong---makes me wanna go rent the movie!


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