Thursday, July 1, 2010

Things You May (Or May Not) Know About Me . . .

People would be surprised to know that . . .

1. Although my house is pretty clean, my van should be condemned.

2. I have a bad habit of putting cracked egg shells in my kitchen sink instead of in the garbage can. This drives hubs crazy. Me, not so much.

3. If my kids are playing and are happily occupied, I will pretty much let them have at it with whatever room in my house in which they are situated. I have had tents in my dining room, obstacle courses in my living room, and a campground in my basement to name a few. After all, playing and occupied kids equals happy, not bothering mom, kids.

4. I chew my nails when I stress, which is usually daily. It is a yucky habit, and my rational mind knows this, but I unconsciously do it.

5. When I do the grocery shopping, I buy myself a treat that I hide when I get home. Later, after the kids are asleep, I eat my treat without guilt. I relish every bite especially when it is ice cream right from the carton, something that I would never let my kiddies do.

6. I second guess my parenting, probably daily. I wonder, what if I did this? Or what if I did that? How am I affecting my kiddies?? I worry about being a good mom.

7. I eat peanut butter from the jar. This is especially true since Ellerie was born. She has a peanut allergy, so I can not eat PB around her. Instead, I sneak it in here and there.

8. Although I like to work out and be fit, it is sooooooo hard for me to get motivated in the morning to go to the gym. I would much rather drink coffee, read blogs and remain in my pj's.

9. I have a poster board summer wish list on my dining room wall. It contains the family's wishes for summertime activities. We check off things as we do them. It is a great conversation starter at dinner time.

10. I love my hubs so much. Even though his laugh lines have deepened and his hair is salt and peppery these days, I can still look at him and see the young guy that stole my heart. He drives me crazy sometimes, he keeps me sane most of the time, and he makes me laugh all of the time. When I was young, I never thought that I would "go for" a guy like him. I didn't think he was my type. It just goes to show that I was completely clueless.

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  1. Oh I always second guess my parenting...but I guess that is apart of motherhood right? Oh and I bite my nails too when I'm nervous, cant stop!

  2. Number 8 definitely sounds like me! Glad to be stopping by from Mama Kat's.

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog. I am with you on 5,6,7, 8, and 10!

  4. Nice list! :) I love it. And your kids are sooo cute!
    Stopped by from Mama Kat's.

  5. Just stopped by from Mama Kat's...

    I always put egg shells in the sink too! I grew up doing it because we would put them down the garbage disposal. I don't have one anymore, but I still do it!!

    Also? I love #9...what a fun idea! I may have to borrow that idea as my kid(s) get older!

  6. Stopping by from Mama Kat's

    I'm totally with you on #8. :)

  7. I'm with you on #8, except backwards. I'm motivated in the morning, but by 5pm, i'm in my jammies, reading blogs. Whenever I have to go to a mom blogger's event in the evening, it takes me 3 days to recover :-)

    Stopping by from MamaKat's...

  8. I love the way you keep a list of summer activities! That's a great idea!

    Wish I could say that I relate to #10....

  9. I love your list. I am #3, 5, 6 and 10. I think all parents are guilty of #6. I don't work out and never have. I bought work out clothes as I hate my body and my laziness every day for the 30 pounds I have not lost from when little man was born 3 years ago. I have still yet to go to the gym. Even with the fact I got a super cheap membership thanks to my hubby's work.


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