Thursday, August 26, 2010

Morning Has Broken (Me, That Is)

My Back to School Morning . . .

7:00  Wake up and drag myself out of bed.

7:05 Realize that hubby is actually humming to himself as he finishes shaving.

7:06 Discover, once again, that hubby is a morning person, and clearly I am not.

7:07  Realize that I hate hubby, but only when he is in morning person mode.

7:10  Wake Ab.  Ignore the fact that she has slept on top of her covers the entire night so that she does not have to make her bed in the morning.

7:11  Congratulate self for raising such a creative thinker!

7:15  Do a dance with hubby at the coffee maker as we both try to fix ourselves a cup of coffee.

7:16  Be nice, despite my Oscar the Grouch morning attitude and actually let hubby go first with his coffee cup, because he has to go to work.

7:20  Kiss hubs bye.

7:21  Return to coffee maker for my much needed jolt of caffeine only to discover that hubs took the last cup.

7:22  Curse.  Loudly.  Possibly threaten death and destruction.

7:25 Start a new pot of coffee, help Ab with her breakfast, and generally operate on autopilot.

7:30-8:00  Get showered, dressed, and ready for the day.  May or may not have dozed in the shower.

8:01 Wake up E.  Realize that he too is not a morning person when he throws a pillow at me as I exit his room. 

8:02  Check to make sure Ab is ready to go with lunch, bag, etc.

8:03  Check to make sure that I am ready to go with purse, keys, kids, etc.

8:04  Discover car keys are MIA.

8:05  Look for keys on kitchen counter, on fireplace mantle, and in my pants pocket from yesterday.

8:06  Where are my $%**!@# keys??

8:07  Panic sets in.  WHERE ARE MY   $%**@#  KEYS???????

8:08  Call hubs at work.  Accuse him of stealing my keys.  May or may not have used a choice word or two.

8:09  Instruct Ab and E to help with the search.  Search includes the refrigerator, under the couch, in the Little People toy container and other useful lost-key areas.

8:10  Decide that my keys are hopelessly lost and that we will have to (gulp!) walk to school.

8:11  Curse.  Loudly.

8:12 Remember that I have not woken up El and curse, again Loudly.

8:13  Hope that my children have not heard my potty mouth as they wait for me outside on the sidewalk.

8:14  Wake a peacefully sleeping El and deposit her, in her PJ's, in the stroller.

8:15-8:45  Walk to school.  Drop off Ab.  Walk back home.

8:46  Sweat.

8:47  Pour my first cup of coffee.  Sweat some more.

8:50  Swallow down my first half cup of coffee, and as the caffeine kicks in,  instantly remember where my keys are.

8:51  Bless caffeine and all of its wondrous ways. 

8:52  Curse hubs again for taking the last cup of joe.

And how was your morning????


  1. LOL! A little better than yours! I've just been fighting with the Dish Network idiots.
    Hope your day gets better!
    Stopping in from SITS.

  2. Are you my long-lost twin?? Because, seriously, that is EXACTLY how my mornings go. Even down to the morning person husband and swearing loudly over missing things. Only difference is that I don't drink coffee. Which is good because it would just be one more thing to mess up my mornings!

  3. I am a morning person... I hum and smile, alot... I am not well-liked by people in my family who have inherited very bad traits from their father... 'nuff said...

  4. I am a morning person and it was not much better.

  5. My morning was almost that hectic. There may have been more cursing.

  6. I love peace and quiet while I wake up - should have thought about that when I had 5 sons. My guys ia a morning guy - However, once I'm up and going - I'm great - I always loved teaching 8 a.m. college classes - 'cause I was always more awake than they were! LOL

    I so live your post (except I wish my guy made coffee in the morning).

  7. We start this next week and I'm sooooo not looking forward to it! I too am NOT a morning person.


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