Saturday, August 7, 2010

Just Call Me a Raisin -or otherwise titled- Can I Iron the Wrinkles Out of My Skin?

Last night hubs and I went out on a date.  I wore an actual dress, and I put on actual makeup. 

I know.  I know.

The man is lucky!

Anyways, while I was primping in the mirror, I found a rather large unruly grey hair right near my ear in my short do.  Ay yi yi!  Upon finding the grey, I did the only thing that I could.

I screamed.

No.  Seriously.  I did not scream, although I wanted to.  Instead, I picked up my tweezers and plucked that offensive baby right out of my head.

Feeling a bit triumphant, I related the story to hubs.  Apparently, E was eavesdropping, and his response?

"Well mom,  you are getting old,  "  he paused and then said, " . .  . and wrinkly."



I have yet to discover a quick fix for wrinkles.  That is unless any of you out there happen to be a plastic surgeon that wants to give away free samples of Botox?



And in honor of my wrinkles, I leave you with this youtube gem . . .


  1. Ahhh...6 year olds are so helpful ;)

    Hope you had fun on your date!

  2. I HATE getting older. My youngest never hesitates to tell me how old and fat I am.

  3. man I am loving that video!! Brilliant! The singer doesn't have any wrinkles but the backup dancers crack me up. Esp the white-hair doing her own thing. I turned 52 Aug 2 and it's back to 'frownies' for me....

  4. you went out on a date with your hubby??? I am so jealous!!! LOL! but I am planning a lil rendezvous with my beloved, just posted about it too :)

    I am delighted to have found you via SITS and become your newest follower! Would LOVE to have you follow me at

    and I love that youtube video too LOL, one of my favs!
    have a glorious day sweet bella

  5. Okay, wait---you only found ONE grey hair? Then you have no right to complain about it. I have a patch of them all in this one spot near my forehead. I pluck them constantly. And I think the saying is true---when you pluck one, two come back in its place! aaaaaahhhhhhhh!

  6. Aren't kids just the best! I get the same comments from my 13 year old...nice!

  7. LOL! Poor "Wrinkled Ladies". They couldn't have called that anything else? :p

    Lamb’s Most Recent Post: Is It Dead?

  8. Wait until they're teenagers if you think they make you feel old now. :)

  9. I absolutely LOVE the video!
    My kids are brutally honest - sometimes to the point that I have to remind myself not to get my feelings hurt. If you've only got one grey hair, be thankful. Although more are coming, I promise. I'm already way ahead of you.
    Visiting from SITS.

  10. LOVE your blog! And HA! That video is hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish I could vamoose my gray hairs too, they are petrifying to be sure!

  11. Ah, out of the mouths of babes. Don't they just do wonders for self esteem? While I was on the treadmill, my 5 y/o informed me amidst giggles "Mom, you're like jello!" Thank you dear!

    Visiting from SITS.


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