Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Groundhog Post It

I awoke this morning with a smile.

That smile evaporated when I discovered that Punxatawny Phil, the rodent prognosticator, saw his shadow this morning. Six. more. weeks. of. winter. (I'll let that little gem sink in. There. Officially depressed yet?) Six more weeks of bundling kids, loads of extra laundry, and days of endless grey.

Fabulous, no?!?

Ummm. NO!

All I have to say is Phil, if you run in front of my car today, I can not be held responsible if my accelerator sticks. In that case, you should blame Toyota.

Anyway, being that it is Tuesday, I have some lovely Post It's for you.

Your welcome.

I figured that you too needed a short and sweet post, so that you have enough time to crawl back in your bed and hibernate for another 6 weeks. If you need me, that's where I'll be.

(note- I realize that this Post It repeats, but I did not feel like going back into the program to make another one. Forgive me?!?)

Happy Tuesday.

If you want to read more post its . . . hop on over to Supah Mommy.


  1. I am SOO glad you like the IRS this year! I don't know yet. We have a very, very ambiguous relationship. definitely rocky. I am hopeful!


    Boo winter!

  2. I think the comment love is lacking because people dont want winter to last 6 more weeks :) We are in Florida so it im happy about the extended winter.

    Great post very cute!

  3. Cute post-it notes. Glad you and the IRS are getting along!

  4. DId the syrup kill your toaster????

  5. I was complaining last night about winter, I just don't want it to be here any longer and we have at least 2 1/2 months last. We'll be lucky if we see any grass by mid April.
    We love the IRS this year, one out of 10 so we won't complain now. Ask me next year.
    Thanks for sharing Annie. Have a great night. God Bless!!!

  6. Cute post it to the video store!!!!

    Don't hate me but I don't mind winter for a little while longer since we're in FL. It didn't start until December!

  7. SYRUP!!!

    and cheers to hangover...



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