Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Dangers of Too Much Snow

Just so you know . . . snow days can be a little dangerous. What with all of the snow and ice and wind, crazy and unexpected things could happen.

You could slip on the ice.

You could have a fender bender.

Or, you could have a different crazy event.

For example, the last time we got this much snow, it was three years ago. Staying warm and cozy was obviously a priority. So, we hunkered down in our jammies, drank hot cocoa, and ate cookies. Overall, I'd say that we survived the winter storm quite nicely. And, as a bonus, we even had a souvenir of the huge snowfall.

A souvenir that arrived . . . 9 months later.

Ellerie, 2 years, 3 months old

Yes. Apparently, we are experts at staying warm and cozy. Experts, I tell you! That is why this year, during this storm, hubby and I are staying at least three feet away from each other at all times. We are not sharing stolen glances across the dinner table. Heck, we aren't even sharing a can of coke. We are not taking any chances this time.

After all, winter storms can be dangerous!


  1. hahaha that's hilarious! I think you needed a little mischief in your life... disguised as an adorable little girl.

  2. OH MY! Haha! I can easily see how this would happen...heaven forbid there is a power outtage and you have to resort to candles lit all over your home! Nothing to do but have deep conversations and remember why you fell in love in the first place...

    ...okay! I want a snow storm now! haha!

  3. Now that was an entertaining post!

  4. Maybe you forgot your birthday is Halloween the same day as Ellerie's. You too are the result of a blizzard in a different way. We were stuck at Deedle's for ten days in a blizzard and you were the celebration when we returned home after surviving the experience (Deedle's not the storm)

  5. Wow! That is a great souvenir! Our neighbors have conceived 2 children while staying out at their timeshare-type place in Colorado. So I guess they know how to get cozy, too!


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