Friday, March 9, 2012

On Being Paralyzed

I am paralyzed.

No matter how hard I focus my brain, no matter how hard I will my fingers to type,  no matter how hard I try to breathe and relax, I still feel like I've got nothing.


I am a writer, and clearly, I am blocked.

I wish there was some sort of laxative that I could take that would make the words spill from my heart. I would even consider breaking my gas station cappuccino habit in order to buy the magic pill to unlock the phrases. That's how badly I need a fix.

Instead, I try to appease myself with the fact that this happens to everyone.


All writers at some time or another become stuck and mired with their wheels spinning.  All writers have to dig and fight their way out of the sand pit.  And even though I know this, and more importantly that I understand this,  I am not comforted. 

Because when it happens to you, and you are a writer, it sucks.


But today?

I am taking my first baby steps, and it feels fabulous.

I am walking . . . even if it is only one step at a time.


  1. Good to see you back, blocked or not! I've missed you!

  2. With all the daily happenings in your family you have plenty to blog about. Share what is going on and how you feel daily in a blog rather than a facebook post. They will give you a steps. I am sure this will lead to the wonderful blogs like you have written in the past. Love Dad!

  3. Baby steps are perfect, but it looks like you have already made leaps. Welcome back. You are joy.

  4. Yay! Have you ever seen this book:
    It's really cool and helped my brain out a number of times. Hopefully the baby steps will get more sure-footed soon.

  5. You have been missed.

    Keep stepping.

  6. After a blogging hiatus of more than a year in which I, too, was stuck and couldn't write on my blog, I have taken my first lurching steps back towards blogging. Hopefully, you are well on your way to being unstuck. Writer's block totally sucks.


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