Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Sharting, Part II

It all started last week in Kohl's.

"Mom?"  Ellerie asked in a whispered shriek.


"I farted, "  and then she paused, glanced around to see if anyone but me was listening, and continued, "but instead of a fart, I think a little poop came out!"

Nine dollars, a new pair of leggings, and a sponge bath for Ellerie in the department store restroom later, all was well.

Sharts happen, right?

Over the next few days, my family, including Ellerie, laughed at the thought of me, the germ-a-phobe, in a public restroom dealing with a naked and poopy 4 year old.  I, of course, laughed along with them.  Ellerie and I even did a reenactment of the crazy situation or "The Sharting" as it came to be known in family lore.

This weekend though I wasn't laughing when I had to deal with the stomach flu and Ethan. (Incidentally, it is times like these when I wonder if Mary ever had to clean up a pukey, poopy Jesus, and if she did, did she gag at the yucky smells like I do?)  Thankfully, this morning Ethan was finally ready to go back to school, and after getting ready, I encouraged Ethan to try to go to the bathroom one last time before going to school.

 He agreed and headed for the bathroom with the words, "I certainly don't want to be in 'The Sharting,  Part II' !"

Is it any wonder why I love that boy so?


  1. Excellent! And, of course Mary must have cleaned up Jesus' little poopy butt. I wonder if he used to giggle when he farted? You know, boys and potty humor.

  2. Yup... you have awesome kids. Way awesome kids.

    And I love most that your daughter has a sense of humor and can laugh at herself. I truly think the ability to do so is an ability not enough people possess.

  3. OMG! I just re-told your story to my husband and kids because I thought it was so funny! Literally, laughing out loud!


  4. Love it! Sharting happens. This sounds like conversations in our house, so I'll have to share. Isn't it odd that the Bible (and other books of religion) don't have stories about stuff like this? Because you KNOW it happened, and it had to try the patience of many a strong biblical character. OK, maybe not so odd, but you have to know it is the story between the stories. And the imagining of them is enough to take you through some of those trying moments of your own :)

  5. The title and the first line of this post were enough to make me laugh.

    But when you threw in the concept of Jesus sharting?

    I about died.

    'Tis the season, after all...

    Merry Christmas to you, my hilarious friend.

    And here's to a 2012 free of The Sharting Part III.

  6. Bwahahaha!!! I think your kids are going to be great bloggers someday. Maybe they'll be telling stories about you. ;)


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