Saturday, April 28, 2012

A Few Of My Favorite 4-letter Words . . .

Dinner time conversation is sometimes the best part of my day, and the other night's dinner talk was no different.

The topic was favorites.

We listed favorite movies and books.  We took turns guessing lines from our favorite movies, and then we moved on to favorite foods.  I was feeling a bit like Maria in the Sound of Music except instead of singing about favorites during a thunderstorm, we were laughing about our favorites over tater tots. Still, it was a moment, and I was feeling all warm and fuzzy and sentimental.  Naturally after we exhausted our favorite books and movies, the favorites conversation finally led to the topic of favorite words

Favorite words?

This former English teacher's heart was bursting at the thought of my kids picking out their own personal favorite words.  Words that were fun to say or just rolled off your tongue a certain way.  Words that were powerful or filled with emothion.  Just what was their favorite word?  Was it simple like pizza?  Was it crazy like Kathmandu?  Or was it one of my personal favorites like onomatopoeia?

I didn't have to wonder long, however, because Ellerie's cheery voice broke into my thought.

"Mommy!  I know what your favorite word is!"

She did? Had I told her about my favorite words before?  

"You do?"  I teased her.  "Well. . . what is it?"

She smiled confidently and then proudly stated, "Shit!"


Clearly it is time for this modern day Maria to break out the swear jar and say some Hail Mary's.


  1. I used to think I didn't swear very often, but I guess I do it more than I realize - it seems like every time I let one slip out, my girls are right there to hear it. Now they tattle on me when they catch me saying a bad word - "Mom, dad said 'Shit'"...

  2. Crap was one of my son's first words.

    Not proud. Just honest.
    (Which pretty much sums up my taken on motherhood...)

  3. Ah, well, Annie, look at it this way - at least your favorite word isn't the f-bomb. ;-p

  4. Awesome.... simply awesome! LOL


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